Another open canvas


  • Chandrakant Ekkirala

    Hi Milind

    I used to do painting while i was in school and college, but never could figure out the proper way to do watercolor works :-(..I was introduced to your works by a friend or mine who himself is an accomplished painter, and then i got hooked to your works :-)
    I have now hired a tutor and have started doing painting again after a gap of more than 15 years..And i am enjoing it as much as i did when i was in school…Your works are amazing, just too god..And thanks to you i have been looking at the works of other contemporary artists as well..
    Keep up the good work, take care..


  • Pandit Mulay

    I like all thease paintings.

  • Pandit Mulay

    I like all paintings, all are very ,nice no word toadmire.

  • gireesh

    Hello….Iam 37,teaching economics in a Govt.Higher secondary school..drawing and painting was my passion till graduation…….then I lost it ….nowadays I have started to paint again……..recently got your page …It was truly inspiring…..learned a lot from your work…..seen your exhibition video video via You tube……..and like that…..see you

  • gauri

    hi milind,

    i am gauri wyawahare…was working with Ar.Vikas Bhandari…1994-96, u had done the presentation for our client TATA HOUSING at erandawane…i was the project head
    working along with girish brahme, sagar… u might not remember me.

    ur work mesmerising…u are GOD incarnate…the emotions running though ones mind when one sees ur paintings can only be felt.

  • Twisha Kumar

    hi I m twisha…I m vry much inspired by your work sir…….I just love ur work..

  • Haimanti Dey

    Dear Mr. Milind Malik,
    I greatly admire your paintings and the way you treat nature. I have never attended any painting class, formal or informal. I have been reading your painting books (I have three of them) for the last ten years and have learnt a few useful guidelines for painting watercolours. I would very much like to attend a workshop or a class by you.


    Haimanti Dey

    Dwarka, New Delhi

  • Jayaprakash

    Sir, U r a GOD in Water Color!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • :) niharika

    Your all painting have always been my inspiration, i learnt all is from your books and your paintings. Keep painting :) you simply paint GREAT with my favorite GREENS !!!

  • pooja

    is there any courses you conduct in delhi on water colours

  • Anil Nene

    Your paintings are amazing.. they are experiential. They transfer us into different realm altogether.
    Thank you very much
    Anil Nene